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SPECIFIC TRUCK SOLUTIONS:  The most well-maintained fleet of trucks, combined with the strength of the most highly trained drivers in the industry, are available for our customer’s usage 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year round, for any kind of over-the-road highway transport requirement imaginable.  Our industry knowledge of specific trailer types and commodity handling procedures make us the safest and most responsible choice in over-the-road truck transport.  Our collective equipment knowledge base is second to none.  We even have our own 24-hour in-house roadside maintenance and assistance program, to keep your freight moving at all times, and our drivers safe.  Whether you require 53’ refrigerated trailer transport, enclosed 53’ air-ride van trailers, 53’ intermodal shipping container and chassis, or 53’ flat deck service, heavy equipment moves, construction site services, we are your safest and most reliable option.  Full-truckload and Less-than-Load (LTL) service capacity is available right now.  Support Services such as Crane Service, Lumping, Shunting, Drayage, are also available.  Typical commodities we haul by include: Freight-All-Kinds, Perishables, and Oversized goods.  Our formula for trucking success is simple:  We only hire the best truck drivers and maintain our equipment to the tightest schedule, so you only get the best, most reliable trucking service.  Quote or Book your truck shipment with us online right now!

SPECIFIC RAIL SOLUTIONS:  By having exclusive and unparalleled contracted priority access to rail ramp times and train space with all major Class-1 Railroads and Intermodal Companies, we are essentially North America’s only realistic solution to easily moving freight over the rail.  No other transportation logistics company comes close to matching our rate and service level, with our long established contract rail routing!  Through our exclusive agency relationships, we represent 83% of the Intermodal Rail Equipment currently available for use in North America.  With savings of up to 45% below the cost of transporting over-the-road, transporting by rail car or intermodal rail container is an option shippers are exploring more often.  The opportunity cost of 10-25% slower rail transit times (versus comparable over-the-road transit times), are much more than offset by the cost savings of shipping by rail, making rail transport an ideal solution for “rolling inventories”.  Environmental Impact Awareness is also encouraging more shippers to take a closer look at shipping their freight by rail, as it takes approximately 67% less fuel to move one ton of freight one mile, versus shipping by truck.  Don’t forget to ask us how you can coordinate rail transport service with our Rail Car siding equipped warehousing and distribution options.  All Aboard for Better Rates!  Email or Call us to ask about Rail options right now, or to request a quote online!

SPECIFIC OCEAN SOLUTIONS:  Our status as an NVOCC shipping agent allows our customers to enjoy access to ocean transport capacity, year round, without minimum annual volume requirements, nor interruptions in service.  Small and Medium-sized international importers/exporters benefit the most from our International Ocean Shipping Program, as they are able to have access to our coveted Capacity Guarantee, at rates as low as those paid by higher-volume shippers!  We have dedicated space available on virtually every sailing to and from major sea ports in North America, so you never have to call multiple steamship lines, nor have to worry about getting service when you need it!  Your productivity ship has sailed!  Start saving time and money right now, quote or book your international ocean freight with our team right now!

SPECIFIC AIR SOLUTIONS:  Often times, air transport is the only solution to tight delivery deadlines.  When you can’t take a chance or don’t have time to waste, get your high-priority air shipments booked with our Expedited Air Freight  team.  We have relationships with every major I.A.T.A. freight shipping airline.  From a single package to an exclusive aircraft charter move, we make shipping freight by air simple and easy.  Our strategic location close to Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport, means that our local G.T.A. pickup/delivery vehicles can respond quickly to changes in flight schedules, getting your freight where it needs to go faster than any other transport provider.  Why risk Delays?  Don’t compromise your schedule, quote or book your Air Shipment with us right now! 

SPECIFIC TRANSPORTATION SOLUTIONS:  We combine our depth of experience in all modes of transportation, to optimize the best routing plan for all your shipments.  By examining the details of your supply chain against our “mode-neutral” business model, we are able to provide the right, tailor-made specific transportation solutions for you, on every shipment under our care.  We can even provide a complete outsource of your supply chain network and shipping operations as your contracted Transport Management Company!  Email or call us right now to schedule a FREE no-obligation analysis of your supply chain network!

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​Transportation Standard Terms:  All Dates and Times discussed or quoted are estimates, and are subject to change, while also being subject to all applicable transportation laws and regulations.  24 to 48 hours notice prior to on-boarding time is requested per dispatch.  Same-Day Pickup Requests can be fulfilled based on availability, please inquire.  For LTL/LCL (less-than-load) shipments, 30 minutes is included free for loading, and another 30 minutes is included for unloading.  For Full-Load shipments under 250 miles, 1-hour is included free for loading, and another 1-hour is included for unloading.  For FTL (Full-Load) shipments over 250 miles, 2-hours is included free for loading, and another 2-hours for unloading.  $75/hour detention charge is applicable after the free times.  Cancellations of full-truckloads with less than 4-hours notice prior to requested pickup time, are subject to a Truck Ordered Not Used charge of $275.  Cancellations of LTL/LCL cargo with less than 3-hours notice prior to requested pickup time, are subject to a Truck Ordered Not Used charge of $75 per pallet spot.  Unless our warehouse facility or lumper service is loading the shipment, all loads are considered “Shipper load, count, and seal.”  Maximum standard allowable payloads are as follows:  1,500 lbs per standard size 48"L x 48"W x 60"H skid spot for LTL, and 80,000 lbs less fully-fuelled vehicle tare weight for full-loads (typical payload weight of 42,000 lbs on a 53’ reefer, 44,000 lbs on a 53’ dry van, and 46,000 lbs on a 48’/53 flat bed).  Services to transport cargo of weights or dimensions greater than standard are available upon request.  Driver assist for loading, unloading, or rigging, is not included unless agreed upon in writing, but can be quoted separately upon request.  Container drayage services include the use of our chassis, and the pick up or return of empty container(s) as required, with pre-pull and storage options available at extra charge upon request.  Demurrage, gate fees, and lumper charges, are the responsibility of the party being billed for the freight charges (the customer), unless otherwise stated.  Unless otherwise agreed, standard payment terms are within 30 calendar-days from the receipt of our emailed invoice, on approved credit, or prepaid before loading without approved credit.

Privacy Policy:  We respect your privacy.  Any, and all, personal information collected during the normal course of processing your transaction(s) or doing business together, is never shared nor distributed to any other party.



Several years later, we began serving clients in the produce and food sector, and dry manufactured goods soon after that.  Today, we even arrange household moving, and offer livery services.  We cordially invite you to use our Transportation Booking and Quoting Services, Saving Time and Money for All of our Valued Clients! 

As soon as you book with us, you can rest easy knowing that everything is being taken care of by experienced transportation professionals, who have handled every type of haul or move you can imagine!  There are no problems in our office – Only Solutions!  Besides fast quoting and booking online, you'll love our automated tracking by email, friendly atmosphere, and 24-hour live customer service!

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